Automatic PTFE molding billet sintering furnace oven

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Update time : 2021-07-23 06:15:08

PTFE billet sintering oven working for PTFE molding billet, it’s can working for vertical or horizontal type. According to different workmanship.PTFe Sintering furnace will design in different type.

This PTFE billet sintering furnace oven is design for vertial type, with rotation function. Make sure each PTFE billet heating keep the same.

Rotation automatic ptfe molding billet furance sintering oven

Main Specification for PTFE billet sintering oven:

Modle type: SY-OD680

Working enviroment: Relative humidity≤85%RH  Ambient temperature.:-10°C~45°C

Working size: 2800X2800X2300(widthXdepthXheight)

Outer Dimension: 3750*3500*4120mm

Design temperature: normal ~ 450°C

Working temperature: normal ~ 380°C

Surface temperature: ≤ room temperature+15°C

Uniformity: ≤± 3°C

Temperature fluctuation: ±1°C

Control temperature accuracy:±1°C

Total power:100KW

Heating power:90KW

Blowing power:2.2KWX4pcs

Blow capacity: 8000-9000Cubic/hour

Blow pressure: 420-310pa

Rotating power: 1.5KW

Rotation speed: 0.5~2/r

Exhaust power:1.1KW

Bearing weight: rotation plate 8Ton



PTFEbillet sintering furnace outer use Q235 steel panle for welding. Inside use SUS304. And keep heating thickness reach to 200mm.  And vertical for provide wind, and top for wind out, two side can back for wind back. Bear using NSK/E.