PTFE Mixing Machine

Non free flow PTFE powder mixer machine

With fast speed working for mixing the powder, make sure mixing uniform and without heating. Around 10 Minutes to finish mixing the powder.

Non-free flow PTFE powder mixing machine working for carbon, fiber glass, bronze, and other materials. Feeding powder from the top, and release the powder from bottom place. And with the shalf to push the powder from downstairs to up. And up powder falls down, Rotation in clockwise and anti-clockwise, and powders touch and make mixing well.


1) Machine power is 7.5KW

2 )Final speed: 0~550 r/min(frequency speed)

3) and use a special way for mixing, no heat for powder.

4)Mixing time: 10 minutes(but need mixing two times)

5)Mixing weight: Max 20KGS one time.

6) Good working for fiberglass, bronze, carbon, etc.

7)Total PTFE powder mixing time: 10times

8) Mixer capacity: 150L

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