PTFE Ram extrusion machine

automatic horizontal ptfe sheet ram extrusion machine suit for recycle ptfe powder

PTFE sheet machine suit for the width 260-300mm, suit for the thickness from 3-15mm, less tolerance for thickness, and continue long.Working for 100% recycle.

Horizontal automatic PTFE sheet ram extrusion machine working for 100% recycle PTFE powder, it’s working for the sheet width from 260mm to 300mm, thickness from 3mm to 15mm, ptfe sheet thickness and with can adjustable.

Specification for PTFE sheet machine:
Machine model:HX-300W
Production capacity: 150KGS/24 hours for 100% virgin PTFE presintered powder
100KGS/24 hours for 100% recycle PTFE presintered powder
Feeding powder time: 2 time for 24 hours
Power consumption: 20KW/24 hours
Heating power: 20KW
Motor power: 3KW
Cylinder pressure: 40Ton
Machine size:1200*750*2500mm(including the mould)
Working size: 7000*1400*3000mm
Machine weight: 900KGS
Connect wire square meter: 6 m2
Mould material: 45# steel with electroplate

PTFE ram extrusion sheet with width 300mm thickness 5mm
Total 12 set automatic PTFE sheet ram extrusion machine in mass production for make the PTFE sheet width to 300m and thickness to 5mm.

One person take incharge for 12 set ptfe ram extrusion machine working, Each machine one day three times for feeding powder to big tank. As big tank, one time can load 100KGS PTFE presintered powder, touch screen control the big tank feeding powder to small hopper, so each day worker only feeding 3 times, reduce the feeding time, and also make sure the powder less pollution.

We provide both PTFE sheet ram extrusion machine and PTFE ram extrusion sheet.

PTFE ram extrusion sheet with width 300mm thickness 5mm

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